The past two days we have spent navigating both ponderosa pine forest, and urban landscapes filming two women climbers.

When we arrived at Groom Creek bouldering area, Amylee, a local climbing guide and mother, pulled her 2 year-old from the car seat and said, “I’m not sure how long this is going to last” referring, of course, to her daughter who was feeling a little under the weather. It was a perfect reminder to me of the many hats that women wear in our society: from climber and adventurer to mothering and career. This juggling act seems to be constant for women. The bouldering session turned out fantastic. A mottled display of afternoon light through the trees danced perfectly on the boulders. Amylee was radiant and climbed delicate features on a 30 foot boulder with ease. She was poised and smiling the entire time–happy to be a part of this project. Her small shadow, with little arms outstretched offered, “spot you mama.” With a bouldering pad on her back and little one on her hip, we were filled with warmth, watching her walk back down the trail to her car.

Back in the urban jungle of Prescott we met up with the next climber–”I’m feeling a little nervous about this climb tomorrow,” Leigh said. We were about to film an urban buildering scene that she had already climbed twice. However, both times she climbed it, there were police nearby, and at one point the owner of the paint shop caught her climbing it. Free-soloing buildings is a much bigger risk, in some way. “I just don’t want to get arrested” said, Leigh. We reassured here that an early sunday morning would be police free, and the paint shop owner would be home. We would roll up, do the take and split. With the exception of a confused look from a man driving by, everything went off without a hitch–and Leigh climbed the splitter “paint crack” with grace and ease.

Next we moved on to the parking garage which has an 80 foot Chimney that is sometimes climbed by locals. Although we already have great footage of another climber sending it, we filmed Leigh on it to get some different perspectives.

The last few days of shooting have been so inspiring and quite frankly, just a lot of fun. We look forward to upcoming shoots involving sport climbing on limestone in Flagstaff and deep water soloing at the Winslow wall. Stay tuned for more updates – Jill

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  1. jake.carvey says:

    love hearing the progress – keep scaling the heights