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I’m excited that the interest level for this film in our local community is high.  Although we continue to turn men down, there are several women who are fired up and currently training for us.  As soon as the thermometer crests 35 degrees we’ll be back out there filming.  Buildering and bouldering are our next projects.  There is an 80 foot tall chimney on a local parking garage that stays in season for climbing throughout the year!

As a climber, I have often pondered what the benefit of spending time in such incredibly aesthetic locations is: the views that climbers have, the stripes on the rock, the colors and contrast.  It is hard to quantify the benefit of simply hanging out in high angle situations, but I know it is vast.

So far, I have had an incredibly steep learning curve.  It is challenging to capture the beauty, angles and light that are so often experienced without a camera.  In my years of climbing, I have rarely brought a camera along, and now, I’m more interested in photography than climbing routes.

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  1. just an idea for after the film is completed:




    we just had a pechakucha night here in santa cruz with another on April 25th. Fascinating and incredibly creative event.

    Can’t wait for the finished film!

    Rachel Griffin

    • Cameron King says:

      Hope this gets to the right people but I sure am excited to see this when it is finished! Nice job! Beautiful shots of some of my favorite places and favorite people!

  2. Charlie says:

    what about transvestite climbers currently identifying as women?

  3. So cool to come across your project Titiana. Best of luck with everything and drop me a line if you are ever in Costa Rica.